Doctrine of Corruption (Feat. Brian Goetz of Sarcophagi)

from by Atrocity

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The masses on their knees,
Praying to the Virgin Mary
A truly hapless sight for my eyes
Praying to a false and powerless deity

The masses on their knees,
Asking for guidance and the protection of their homes
How can she protect you?

The Son knew of his impending death,
About the agony He was to endure
But what a love so divine and pure He had to have
To sacrifice Himself for beings as wretched as mankind

The Christ is the savior
Not this Virgin Mary
But of course, you will never know this
Because I forbid it
I shall twist and pervert the gospel of Christ to forge my own corrupt doctrine

I will remove Christ from all aspects of life
Scatter His sheep like the wolf that I am
I will deny the masses of salvation
They will bow at my feet alone

Lay waste to the scriptures
Erase the Word from existence
I instill the new doctrine,
One that spreads my ideas of greed, perversity and blasphemy

Deny the masses access to their Holy Bibles
Deprive them of spiritual renewal
If you want to stop people from getting saved,
You just have to stop them from prospering

Appointed by high priests and bishops
My title as God on earth is ensured
How I laugh as the people follow me so blindly,
Unaware of my true allegiance to the Deceiver

My minions spread to the four corners of this world
Forcing the new doctrine down the throats of millions
The light of God that was once so pure
Now blackened by the hearts of men

This power shall be exclusive to none but me
I will spill the blood of thousands before I let this power pass from me
Embracing violence in the name of God

Gathering my army of priests and bishops,
We will wage conquest upon God himself
We will defy his prophecies and overthrow the Trinity
The architect, fallen to his creation

We will take this world for ourselves
Our perverse ideology the new universal law
By the power vested in me, you will now renounce the blood of the Lamb

I will enslave the peoples of this earth
With the Truth re-written by my scribes
It becomes irrelevant
The only thing that matters now is my monetary gain by the formation of religion

It shall be that salvation is denied without the proper ransom
The blood of the Lamb now insufficient,
Entrance into heaven now granted by the amounts of gold and silver in your pockets
Failure to deliver results in eternal the wandering of Purgatory,
Realm of which is neither of heaven nor hell

By the indoctrination of religion,
Man will fall even deeper into the inescapable void from whence he fell
Never to catch a glimpse of the divine light of God again
Their souls denied eternal rest by the greed and hatred in their hearts...


from The Disease of Humanity, released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Atrocity Salinas, California

Slamming brutal death metal from Salinas, CA.

Vocals: Brandon Cooper
Guitars: Nathan Baird
Bass: Noe Castillo

Debut full-length coming November 2016.

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